Beau Teague

VP, Product Management

Cartoon Network

As senior director of user experience (UX) for Cartoon Network Digital, Beau Teague is responsible for integrating video and gaming products across, TV-connected consoles, and mobile devices. Beau oversaw the development of the award-winning Watch Cartoon Network tablet app and the industry-leading Cartoon Network Anything, a micro-network marking a new era in platform-specific design. Beau’s role recently expanded to include audience building for multiplatform products.


An eight-year veteran of Turner Broadcasting, Beau started at GameTap, where he helped design and manage the gaming subscription service's UX. While at GameTap, he helped Cartoon Network Digital with the UX for Ben 10 Game Creator – a product that would eventually house the world's largest collection of user-generated games. In 2008, Beau joined Cartoon Network Digital as their first full-time UX Architect.

Prior to joining Turner, Beau spent nearly a decade helping create user experiences for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The New York Times, Siemens Medical, The Wall Street Journal, PGA Tour, and many others.


Speaking at: CASE STUDY—Cartoon Network Anything: The making-of a micro-net app