Bethany Gorfine

President & CEO

Federal Hill Communications

Bethany Gorfine is an expert in the world of digital delivery and has over 20 years’ experience championing and vetting distribution opportunities on behalf of a diverse client base. As the Head of Worldwide Content for the top grossing kid’s entertainment platform, PlayKids, Gorfine is responsible for global content planning including identifying, budgeting, negotiating and implementing licensing deals for TV Series, E- books, music and games serving 28 countries. 

In her work with PlayKids, Gorfine has established relationships with leading content providers worldwide including: 9 Story Entertainment, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Cyber Group Studios, Entertainment One, DHX, DreamWorks Classic Media, HIT Entertainment, PBS, Televix, The Jim Henson Company, The Walt Disney Company, Viacom and Zodiak amongst others. 

Speaking at: Move Fast, Break Things and Build Success: Tips and Tricks from hit app PlayKids